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Adult Fiction


Book Cover for Ours by Phillip B. WilliamsOurs by Phillip B. Williams ~ It opens in the year 1834 as a Black woman with magical powers named Saint founds a small settlement north of St. Louis with some slaves she has liberated, making the town invisible to the outside world by placing conjure stones around its perimeter; as the inhabitants of the town discover, however, Saint has provided them safety but not necessarily freedom. As the next four decades pass, more characters enter the novel, including two young boys who come of age in the settlement, a troubled young woman from New Orleans, a person of indeterminate sexuality who has the power to heal wounds and see what people have been through, and a set of twin girls that mysteriously appear in Saint’s arms one day, one of whom also has healing powers. As Saint’s conjuring powers begin to decline, and threats from the outside loom, life becomes increasingly strange in the town; each character strives in their own way to reckon with the weight of their past as they attempt to achieve a fuller self, deal with their trauma, anger, and fear, and navigate freedom for themselves.


Book Cover for One Deadly Eye by Randy Wayne WhiteOne Deadly Eye by Randy Wayne White ~ A Russian diplomat disappears while Doc is tagging great white sharks in South Africa, and members of a criminal brotherhood, Bratva, don’t think it’s a coincidence. They track the biologist to Dinkin’s Bay Marina on the west coast of Florida, where Brotherhood mercenaries have already deployed, prepared to pillage and kill in the wake of an approaching hurricane. No one, however, is prepared for a cataclysmic event that will forever change the island and leaves Doc to deal with escapees from Russia’s most dangerous prison, including a serial killer–the Vulture Monk–who has a taste for blood. His only ally is an enigmatic British inventor whose decision to ride out the storm might have more to do with revenge than protecting a priceless art collection. Doc has a lot at stake–the lives of his fiancée, Hannah Smith, and their son, plus the fate of his hipster pal, Tomlinson, whose sailboat has disappeared in the Gulf of Mexico. The greatest threat of all, though, is a force that cannot be escaped–a Category Five hurricane that, minute by minute, melds sins of the past with Florida’s precarious future.


Book Cover for Little Rot by Akwaeke EmeziLittle Rot by Akwaeke Emezi ~ Aima and Kalu are a long-time couple who have just split. When Kalu, reeling from his loss, visits a sex party hosted by his best friend Ahmed, he makes a decision that will plunge them all into chaos, brutally upending their lives. Ola and Souraya, two Nigerian sex workers visiting from Kuala Lumpur, intersect with the three old friends as everything goes to hell. Sucked into the city’s corrupt underworld, they’re all looking for a way out of the trouble they’ve instigated, driven by loss and fueled by a desperate need to escape the dangerous threat that looms over them. They careen madly in the face of the poison of power, sexual violence, murder, betrayals. Little Rot tests how far these five will go to save each other–or themselves–when confronted by evil, culminating in a shattering denouement.



Book Cover for City in Ruins by Don WinslowCity in Ruins by Don Winslow ~ Sometimes you have to become what you hate to protect what you love.  Danny Ryan is rich.  Beyond his wildest dreams rich.  The former dock worker, Irish mob soldier and fugitive from the law is now a respected businessman – a Las Vegas casino mogul and billionaire silent partner in a group that owns two lavish hotels. Finally, Danny has it all: a beautiful house, a child he adores, a woman he might even fall in love with.  Life is good.  But then Danny reaches too far.  When he tries to buy an old hotel on a prime piece of real estate with plans to build his dream resort, he triggers a war against Las Vegas power brokers, a powerful FBI agent bent on revenge and a rival casino owner with dark connections of his own. Danny thought he had buried his past, but now it reaches up to him from the grave to pull him down. Old enemies surface, and when they come for Danny they vow to take everything – not only his empire, not just his life, but all that he holds dear, including his son. To save his life and everything he loves, Danny must become the ruthless fighter he once was – and never wanted to be again.


Book Cover for Swift River by Essie ChambersSwift River by Esse Chambers ~ In 1987, the only Black person in all Swift River after her Pop disappeared seven years ago, Diamond Newberry, receiving a letter from a relative she’s never met, is introduced to two generations of African American Newberry women, gaining a sense of her place in the world and in her family.





Book Cover for Strawberry Lane by Jodi ThomasStrawberry Lane by Jodi Thomas ~ Starri Knight is a big believer in fate. How else to explain the compelling connection she feels to the stranger she pulls out of a wrecked car on the very same road where her parents died twenty years earlier? Alongside Auntie Ona-May, the only mother she’s ever known, Starri saves Rusty O’Sullivan’s life, just as Ona-May once did when Starri was an orphaned babe. But convincing Rusty he has something to live for is going to take all of Starri’s faith in miracles.




Book Cover for Red Sky Mourning by Jack CarrRed Sky Mourning by Jack Carr ~ You think you know James Reece. Think again. A storm is on the horizon. America’s days are numbered. A Chinese submarine has gone rogue and is navigating towards the continental United States, putting its nuclear missiles within striking distance of the West Coast. A rising Silicon Valley tech mogul with unknown allegiances is at the forefront of a revolution in quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence. A politician controlled by a foreign power is a breath away from the Oval Office. Three seemingly disconnected events are on a collision course to ignite a power grab unlike anything the world has ever seen. The country’s only hope is a quantum computer that has gone dark, retreating to the deepest levels of the internet, learning at a rate inconceivable at her inception. But during her time in hiding, she has done more than learn. She has become a weapon. She is now positioned to act as either the country’s greatest savior or its worst enemy. She is known as “Alice” and her only connection to the outside world is to a former Navy SEAL sniper named James Reece who has left the violence of his past life behind. Will the forces that threaten to destroy the United States be enough to light the fuse of Reece’s resurrection?


Book Cover for The Bookshop by the Bay by Pamela KelleyThe Bookshop by the Bay by Pamela M. Kelley ~ The Bookshop by the Bay is a breezy, escapist beach read from powerhouse bestselling women’s fiction author Pamela Kelley. Two lifelong friends. One bookshop by the beach. And the summer that could change everything. Jess loves her work as a high-profile lawyer in the respectable and austere city of Charleston. But when she finds her husband, Parker, has been cheating on her with his assistant, she retreats, with her thirty year-old daughter Caitlin for support, to her childhood home on Cape Cod, in Chatham. Caitlin has always been bright but directionless, looking for her passion but keeps coming up blank. And Jess needs to regroup with the help of good food and wine, the company of her best friend, Allison, and come up with a plan for the future. Allison’s career has hit a low. After twenty years as an editor for the Chatham magazine, circulation is dwindling and though her boss and long-time friend, Jim, does everything to keep her, she has no choice but to take a step back. With a career on hiatus and her main relationship being with Chris, her ex-husband who is still a good friend, Allison is at a pivotal point in life. Her daughter Julia opened her own artisanal jewelry shop a year prior, and she has the kind of day-to-day fulfillment Allison yearns for. When Allison stops into her beloved local bookstore one day and learns that the owner wants to sell, a long-held dream turns into a reality, thanks to Jess. Allison and Jess set a plan in motion and what was once a place that held warm childhood memories is now theirs to run. As the two friends, along with the help of their daughters, reopen the doors of the cherished bookstore and adjacent coffee shop to the community, they also open themselves up to the possibility of romance, the bonds of mothers and daughters, and the magic of second chances.

Adult Non-Fiction


Book Cover for The Education Wars by Jennifer C. BerkshireThe education wars : a citizen’s guide and defense manual by Jennifer Berkshire ~ Culture wars have engulfed our schools. Extremist groups are seeking to ban books, limit what educators can teach, and threaten the very foundations of public education. What’s behind these efforts? Why are our schools suddenly so vulnerable? And how can the millions of Americans who love their public schools fight back? In this concise, hard-hitting guide, journalist Jennifer C. Berkshire and education scholar Jack Schneider answer these questions and chart a way forward.

The Education Wars explains the sudden obsession with race and gender in schools, as well as the ascendancy of book-banning efforts. It offers a clear analysis of school vouchers and the impact they’ll have on school finances. It deciphers the movement for “parents’ rights,” explaining the rights that students and taxpayers also have. And it reveals how the ostensible pursuit of “religious freedom” opens the door to discrimination against vulnerable children.


Book Cover for The Age of Grievance by Frank Bruni The Age of Grievance by Frank Bruni ~ The twists and turns of American politics today have become nearly impossible to predict, but the tone is a troubling given. It’s one of grievance. A perilous share of Americans across the full breadth of the political spectrum respond to every big disappointment, every little frustration, every way in which the world doesn’t hew precisely to their liking by deciding that they’ve been wronged, identifying the people responsible for that and raging at the injustice of it all. The blame game is the country’s most popular sport and victimhood its most fashionable garb.

Grievance isn’t always and necessarily bad. It has often done enormous good. The United States is a nation born of grievance, in the revolt of royal subjects unwilling to accept a bad deal, and across the nearly 250 years of our existence as a country, grievance has been the engine of morally urgent change. But what happens when all sorts of grievances—the greater ones, the lesser ones, the authentic, the invented—are jumbled together? When grievances become all-encompassing lenses, all-purpose reflexes, default settings? When people take their grievances to extreme and even violent lengths that they didn’t before?


Book Cover for We've Got Issues by Phillip C. McGrawWe’ve got issues how you can stand strong for America’s soul and sanity by Phillip C. McGraw ~ Mainstream American is under attack by extremists who stoke division for their gain own. They are trying to rob America of its common sense and deny empirical truths, and we’re all suffering the consequences. In We’ve Got Issues, Dr. Phil provides the tools to fight back against the forces of division with sensible advice supported by the latest social, medical, and psychological findings. With the hard-earned wisdom of years spent working with Americans of all back-grounds, Dr. Phil charts a course to a more civil society where every one of us decides to be who we are on purpose.




Book Cover for The Signularity is Nearer by Ray KurzweilThe singularity is nearer : when we merge with Al by Ray Kurzweil ~ This successor volume to The Singularity Is Near explores how technology will refashion the human race in the decades to come. In this entirely new book, Ray Kurzweil brings a fresh perspective to advances in the singularity-assessing the progress of many of his predictions and examining the novel advancements that, in the near future, will bring a revolution in knowledge and an expansion of human potential. Among the topics he discusses are rebuilding the world atom by atom with devices like nanobots; radical life extension beyond the current age limit of 120; reinventing intelligence by expanding biological capacity with nonbiological intelligence in the cloud; how life is improving with declines in poverty and violence; and the growth of technologies that can be applied to everything from clothes to building materials to growing human organs. He also considers the potential perils of biotechnology, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence, including such topics as how AI will impact unemployment and the safety of autonomous cars, and “After Life” technology, which will reanimate people who have passed away through a combination of data and DNA.


Book Cover for Becoming Earth: How Our Planet Came to Life by Ferris JabrBecoming Earth : how our planet came to life by Ferris Jabr ~ The notion of a living world is one of humanity’s oldest beliefs. Though scorned by scientists in the sixties and seventies, the facts supporting this concept have now become tenets of modern Earth system science, a relatively young field that studies the living and nonliving components of the planet as an integrated whole. Life did not evolve passively in response to its environment, as scientists have long assumed. Instead, it evolved with Earth, shaping its climate and terrain at every scale, one part in a great orchestra, in which non-living elements-the air, rocks, and water-are the instruments that life, in its multitudes, has emerged to play. Jabr transports the reader to some of the world’s most extraordinary places–an underwater kelp forest on the coast of California, a vertiginous tower above the Amazon rainforest, and a former gold mine two miles below the Earth’s surface–to explain how these symbiotic relationships evolved. He shows us how plants and other photosynthetic organisms help maintain the right level of atmospheric oxygen to support complex life. We see how microorganisms participate in many geological processes, producing new minerals and converting rock from one state to another; some scientists think they played a crucial role in forming the continents. In these pages we learn that large mammals maintain grasslands and prevent permafrost from melting; coral reefs and shellfish store huge amounts of carbon, buffer ocean acidity, improve water quality, and defend shorelines from severe weather; and so much more.


Book Cover for Get Into Any College by Gen TanabeGet into any college : the insider’s guide to getting into a top college by Gen Tanabe ~ A resource for high school students and parents on how to apply to selective colleges. Covers strategies on college selection, college applications, essays, interviews, standardized tests and scholarships and financial aid. Outlines what selective colleges look for in applicants. Includes more than 20 essay examples.





Book Cover for The Essential Guide to Family & Medical Leave by Lisa GuerinThe essential guide to family & medical leave By Lisa Guerin ~ The federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) helps employees balance the demands of work and family. But the law can be hard for employers to apply in the real world-especially when it comes to tracking intermittent leave, completing the proper paperwork, and determining eligibility for different types of leave. This book has the answers-in plain English-to every employer’s tough questions about the FMLA. It provides detailed information, sample forms, and tools that will help employers figure out who is eligible for leave, what types of leave are covered, how much leave employees may take, and how to comply with notice and other paperwork requirements.



Book Cover for Frostbite by Nicola TwilleyFrostbite : how refrigeration changed our food, our planet, and ourselves by NicolaTwilley ~ An engaging and far-reaching exploration of refrigeration, tracing its evolution from scientific mystery to globe-spanning infrastructure, and an essential investigation into how it has remade our entire relationship with food-for better and for worse. How often do we open the fridge or peer into the freezer with the expectation that we’ll find something fresh and ready to eat? It’s an everyday act, easily taken for granted, but just a century ago, eating food that had been refrigerated was cause for both fear and excitement. Banquets were held just so guests could enjoy the novelty of eggs, butter, and apples that had been preserved for months in cold storage-and demonstrate that such zombie foods were not deadly. The introduction of artificial refrigeration overturned millennia of dietary history, launching an entirely new chapter in human nutrition. We could now overcome not just rot, but also seasonality and geography. Tomatoes in January? Avocados in Shanghai? All possible. In Frostbite, New Yorker contributor and co-host of the award-winning podcast Gastropod Nicola Twilley takes readers with her on a tour of the cold chain from farm to fridge, visiting such off-the-beaten-track landmarks as Missouri’s subterranean cheese caves, the banana-ripening rooms of New York City, and the vast refrigerated tanks that store the nation’s OJ reserves. Today, more than three-quarters of everything on the average American plate is processed, shipped, stored, and sold under refrigeration. It’s impossible to make sense of our food system without understanding the all-but-invisible network of thermal control that underpins it. Twilley’s eye-opening book is the first to reveal the transformative impact refrigeration has had on our health and our guts; our farms, tables, kitchens, and cities; global economics and politics; and even our environment. In the developed world, we’ve reaped the benefits of refrigeration for more than a century, but as Twilley soon discovers, the costs are catching up with us. We’ve eroded our connection to our food, extending the distance between producers and consumers and redefining what “fresh” really means. More importantly, refrigeration is one of the leading contributors to climate change. As the developing world races to build a U.S.-style cold chain, Twilley asks, can we reduce our dependence on refrigeration? Should we?


Young Adult


Book Cover for Where Sleeping Girls Lie by Faridah Àbíké-ÍyímídéWhere sleeping girls lie by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé ~ A girl new to boarding school discovers dark secrets and coverups after her roommate disappears. It’s like I keep stumbling into a dark room, searching for the switch to make things bright again… Sade Hussein is starting her third year of high school, this time at the prestigious Alfred Nobel Academy boarding school after being home-schooled all her life. Misfortune has been a constant companion all her life, but even Sade doesn’t expect her new roommate, Elizabeth, to disappear after Sade’s first night. Or for people to think she had something to do with it. With rumors swirling around her, Sade catches the attention of the girls collectively known as the ‘Unholy Trinity’ and they bring her into their fold. Between learning more about them–especially Persephone, who Sade is inexplicably drawn to–and playing catchup in class, Sade already has so much on her plate. But when it seems people don’t care enough about what happened to Elizabeth to really investigate, it’s up to she and Elizabeth’s best friend to solve it. And then a student is found dead. As they keep trying to figure out whats going on, Sade realizes there’s more to Alfred Nobel Academy and its students than she thought. Secrets lurk around every corner and beneath every surface…secrets that rival even her own.


Masquerade of the Heart by Katy Rose PoolMasquerade of the Heart by Katy Rose Pool ~ The city of Caraza sits poised on the edge of chaos—and cursebreaker Marlow Briggs is at the center of a deadly struggle for power. In the tragic aftermath of the Vale-Falcrest wedding, Marlow is spurned by Adrius, who refuses to speak to her and publicly vows to find a noble wife before the year is out. Despite her heartbreak, Marlow is still intent on breaking his compulsion curse. To do so, she’ll have to play loving daughter to the man who cast it—the man who’s hellbent on reshaping Caraza in his own image, no matter the cost. But the closer she gets to her long-lost father, the more Marlow starts to question if he’s really the villain she’s made him out to be. As the lines between enemy and ally blur, Marlow must decide if she’s willing to sacrifice her heart’s desire to save a city that wants her dead. This edge-of-your-seat finale is perfect for fans of Veronica Mars, These Violent Delights, and Chain of Iron.



Book Cover for Brownstone by Samuel TeerBrownstone by Samuel Teer ~ Almudena has always wondered about the dad she never met. Now, with her white mother headed on a once-in-a-lifetime trip without her, she’s left alone with her Guatemalan father for an entire summer. Xavier seems happy to see her, but he expects her to live in (and help fix up) his old, broken-down brownstone. And all along, she must navigate the language barrier of his rapid-fire Spanish–which she doesn’t speak.





Book Cover for America Redux by Aries Aberg-RigerAmerica redux : visual stories from our dynamic history by Ariel Aberg-Riger ~ Explores the themes that create our shared sense of American identity and interrogates the myths we’ve been telling ourselves for centuries. With . . . American catchphrases as chapter titles, these twenty-one visual stories illuminate the . . . unexpected, sometimes darker sides of history that reverberate in our society to this very day–from the role of celebrity in immigration policy to the influence of one small group of white women on education to the effects of ‘progress’ on housing and the environment, to the inspiring force of collective action and mutual aid across decades and among diverse groups.




Book Cover for The Prisoner's Throne by Holly BlackThe prisoner’s throne by Holly Black ~ Prince Oak is paying for his betrayal. Imprisoned in the icy north and bound to the will of a monstrous new queen, he must rely on charm and calculation to survive. With High King Cardan and High Queen Jude willing to use any means necessary to retrieve their stolen heir, Oak will have to decide whether to attempt regaining the trust of the girl he’s always loved or to remain loyal to Elfhame and end Wren’s reign–even if that means ending her, too. With a new war looming on the horizon and treachery lurking in every corner, neither Oak’s guile nor his wit will be enough to keep everyone he loves alive. It’s just a question of whom will he doom.




Book Cover for The Deep Dark by Molly Knox OstertagThe deep dark by Molly Knox Ostertag ~ High school senior Magdalena Herrera already has adult responsibilities and a deadly secret hidden in the dark of the basement, one that drains her of energy and leaves her bleeding–until the return of her childhood friend, Nessa, forces her to face her secrets.






Book Cover for Maelstrom by Lorian MerrimanMaelstrom : a prince of evil by Lorian Merriman ~ Maelstrom is a half-demon prince pining for a place in history. (Honestly, he’s just bored and searching for a way to pass the time.) Twigs is the young, prophesized Hero of Virtue fated to face him–or so we’ve been told . . . But Maelstrom’s mother, regent to the throne and a powerful necromancer, is determined to keep an iron grip on her domain. Bemoaning his lost destiny, Maelstrom teams up with the Hero to stop his mother and forge a new destiny for himself. What Twigs doesn’t know is that Maelstrom has a cunning plan to build his own epic legend and double-cross Twigs at the perfect moment.




Book Cover of Year of the Reaper by Makiia LucierYear of the reaper by Makiia Lucier ~ In the aftermath of a devastating plague, young Lord Cassia returns home determined to discover who is trying to assassinate the queen and must follow the trail of a terrible secret that could threaten the kingdom’s newfound peace.

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