Time for Gardening

Summer is around the corner and it’s time to get our hands in the dirt!  Here’s a selection of our gardening books to help inspire your next outdoor paradise!

100 Plants to Feed the Birds by Laura Erickson – In-depth profiles offer planting and care guidance for 100 native plant species that provide food and shelter for birds throughout the year, from winter all the way through breeding and migrating periods.

New York & New Jersey Getting Started Garden Guide by Vincent A. Simeone – Even beginner gardeners can select plants to create a stunning garden as unique as the Empire or Garden State – with expert help to ensure success!

The Month-By-Month Gardening Guide by Franz Bohmig – This comprehensive approach to gardening guides home gardeners—whether you are growing vegetables, flowers, or houseplants—through a year of growing

A Way to Garden by Margaret Roach – Brimming with beautiful photographs of Roach’s own garden, A Way to Garden is practical, inspiring, and a must-have for every passionate gardener.

Grow All You Can Eat In 3 Square Feet – Small-space gardeners, find your start in Grow All You Can Eat in 3 Square Feet, packed with information on window boxes, potted plants, patio gardening, raised beds, small square-foot gardening, container gardening, and everything else related to growing your own small garden.

Garden Renovation by Bobbie Schwartz – Bobbie Schwartz draws on her years of experience as a garden designer to teach you how to evaluate your yard, determine what to keep and what to remove, and choose the right plants and design plan.

The Ultimate Flower Gardener’s Guide by Jenny Rose Carey – Whether you’re interested in dramatic color combinations, how best to use a favorite flower, or how to create a garden for a specific purpose, such as nourishing pollinators, you’ll find the answers in this friendly, information-packed book.

What Is My Plant Telling Me? by Emily L. Hay Hinsdale – Keep your house plants alive and thriving with this illustrated, accessible guide to popular house plants for new and experienced plant-parents alike.

Growing the NorthEast Garden by Andrew Keys – Plant selection and garden style are deeply influenced by where we are gardening. To successfully grow a range of beautiful ornamental plants, every gardener has to know the specifics of the region’s climate, soil, and geography.

Pollinator Friendly Gardening by Rhonda Fleming Hayes – Plant selection, hardscape choices, habitat building (both natural and manmade), and growing practices that give pollinators their best chance in the garden are all covered in detail.

GrowVeg: A Guide to Easy Gardening by Benedict Vanheems – For anyone who has ever wanted to tend a little piece of ground but wasn’t sure where to begin.

Life in the Garden by Penelope Lively – From the Booker Prize winner and national bestselling author, reflections on gardening, art, literature, and life.

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