Staff Favorites: Board Games

Clue Board Game
Jane’s Fave

Clue and Monopoly were game night staples growing up. Some of my favorite memories of playing when I would win, I would rub it in my sisters’ faces. In college, my friends and I played a bunch of the other versions of Clue and I would still take bragging rights when I would win, like a good person.

Kids Against Maturity Card Game
Steph’s Fave

While all the board games in our collection were still in process, this one caught our attention.  Gina from the Adult Services department suggested that everyone in our office play a few rounds.  There was a lot of laughter and some very creative submissions!

Parcheesi Board Game
Kevin’s Fave

Parcheesi is a relaxing, simple board game for all ages. Unless your family plays it “correctly,” in which case you too can experience the suffering of being stuck behind camels. That being said, it makes it all the more satisfying when your tigers slip through to victory.

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