New YA Books for July

Featured in the new books coming to our YA collection this month are a baby witch attending coven school in a cursed town, a lesbian who’s entered a sketch contest that might force her out of the closet, an injured athlete who hallucinates his ex-girlfriend whenever he takes his pain medication, and more.  Here’s a sample of the books that will be available for check out soon!


  1. A Heavy Dose of Allison Tandy by Jeff Bishop (available now!)
  2. The Comedienne’s Guide to Pride by Hayli Thomson
  3. The Witchery by S. Isabelle
  4. A Disaster in Three Acts by Kelsey Rodkey
  5. Blackwater by Jeanette Arroyo and Ren Graham


  1. Storybooth by Storybooth
  2. Gamer Girls: 25 Women Who Built the Video Game Industry by Mary Kenney

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