New Books in May

We’re always getting new books for our collection.  Preview some of our new titles here!



Book Cover to the 23rd Midnight

The 23rd Midnight by James Patterson

“The latest in this “successful and suspenseful” (Entertainment Weekly) series: an attention-seeking copycat is recreating murders by a famous killer from the Women’s Murder Club’s past—with devastating new twists. ” – Amazon


Book Cover to The Way of the Bear

The way of the bear: a Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito novel by Anne Hillerman.

“Fossil harvesting, ancient lore, greed, rejected love and murder combine in this gripping new installment of New York Times bestselling author Anne Hillerman’s Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito series.” – Amazon


Book Cover to Moorewood Family Rules.

Moorewood family rules : a novel by HelenKay 

“Knives Out and Ocean’s 8 meets The Nest in this hilariously twisty novel by award-winning author HelenKay Dimon, about a woman who returns home from prison to her dysfunctional con artist family and tries to get them to go legit.” – Amazon




Book Cover to Fire on the Levee.

Fire on the levee: the murder of Henry Glover and the search for justice after Hurricane Katrina by Jared Fishman and Joseph Hooper.

“The former federal prosecutor and founder of Justice Innovation Lab tells the story of his struggle to unravel the cover-up of a police shooting, and subsequent incineration of the shooting victim, in Hurricane Katrina–era New Orleans.” – Amazon


Book Cover to Autism and Education: The Way I See It: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know

Autism and Education: The Way I See It: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know by Temple Grandin 

“Dr. Temple Grandin discusses the real issues that parents, teachers, and kids face every day. Here is a concise handbook that illustrates what Temple has found to work in the field of education.” – Amazon


Book cover to Worlds WIthout End: Exoplanets, Habitability, and the Future of Humanity

Worlds without end: exoplanets, habitability, and the future of humanity
by Impey, Chris

“The science of finding habitable planets beyond our solar system and the prospects for establishing human civilization away from our ever-less-habitable planetary home.” – Amazon



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