Sewing Up Some Good Books

Come Celebrate National Sewing Month with us!

We have all our sewing know-how books on display for those wanting to celebrate National Sewing Month with us.  We have books that range from the first time users of thread and needles, all the way to the professional dressmaker.  Check out our display unit near the adult circulation desk to find your perfect sewing companion today!

Me and My Sewing Machine: A beginner’s guide by Kate Haxell ~ “Stylish and practical techniques that make sewing simple.” – GoodReads

Professor Pincushion’s Beginner Guide to Sewing: Garment making for nervous newbies by Tova Opatmy ~ “Perfect for anyone interested in learning how to make clothes, the book assumes the reader has no sewing experience and breaks everything down to its simplest form, making it easy for anyone to follow along.” – GoodReads

Sewing Machine Magic by Steffani Lincecum ~ “With just a little know-how and the right accessories, you can get the most out of your sewing machine and give all your sewing and quilting projects a professional look!” – GoodReads

Complete Book of Sewing Techniques by Wendy Gardiner ~ “With the techniques you learn in The Complete Book of Sewing you’ll soon be stitching amazing clothes with skill and confidence.” – GoodReads


Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts by Martha Stewart ~ “The projects are as delightful as they are imaginative, and include classic Roman shades, hand-drawn stuffed animals, an easy upholstered blanket chest, a quilted crib bumper, French knot-embellished pillowcases and sheets, and Japanese-embroidered table linens, among many others.” – GoodReads

The Ultimate Thread Guide by Beclay Goldsmith ~ “Always choose the right thread! This amazing reference guide features a handy thread use key (organized by thread manufacturer) that shows the most common uses for the wide variety of threads commonly used by quilters and sewists.” – GoodReads

Sew Happy by Karin Ziegler ~ “Ziegler’s expert tips will teach you everything from basic techniques to how to shop for tools, fabrics, and patterns, and her use of colors, playful designs, and decorative detail will inspire your own individual style in no time.” – GoodReads

Sew Step by Step by Alison Smith ~ “Make, mend, and customize your own wardrobe with this highly photographic beginner’s guide to machine sewing, featuring more than 200 step-by-step techniques.” – GoodReads


Pillows, Curtains & Shade ~ “With simple instructions and beautiful photography, Pillows, Curtains, and Shades Step by Step will help you achieve professional and personal results as you spruce up your home.” – GoodReads

Sewing Love: Handmade Clothes For Any Body by Sanae Ishida ~ “Learn to sew beautiful, simple handmade clothes and begin a journey to loving the body you have.” – GoodReads

Dressmaking by Alison Smith ~ “Dressmaking covers everything one needs to know to make, alter, and customize clothes.” – GoodReads

Sewing Room Secrets: Machine Sewing by Debbie Shore ~ “This is the ideal book for the beginner sewist looking for in-depth and helpful guidance, or for the more experienced sewist looking to brush up on their skills.” – GoodReads

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