New Books for September 2023


The coworker by Freida McFaddenThe Coworker is a tense, unputdownable thriller from New York Times bestselling author Freida McFadden that explores the dark ways the past can echo through the present―with deadly consequences.” – Amazon

The duke’s best friend by Jane Ashford“What’s a lady to do when the man standing in her way might also be the man of her dreams?” – Amazon

He should have told the bees by Amanda Cox“Uncovering long-held family secrets may sting at first―but the result can be sweeter than honey” – Amazon

The blue, beautiful world by Karen Lord“As first contact transforms Earth, a team of gifted visionaries race to create a new future” – Amazon



Interstellar: the search for extraterrestrial life and our future in the stars by Abraham Loeb“A mind-expanding new book explaining why becoming an interstellar species is imperative for humanity’s survival and detailing a game plan for how we can settle among the stars.” – Amazon

I see you, survivor: life inside (and outside) the totally f*cked up troubled-teen industry by Liz Ianelli – “A survivor of the Troubled Teen Industry exposes the truth about the dark side of a billion-dollar industry’s institutionalized abuse—and shares the story of her own fight for justice. – Amazon

Family reins: the extraordinary rise and epic fall of an American dynasty by Billy Busch“The story of the iconic Anheuser-Busch dynasty, written―for the first time―by a Busch heir.” – Amazon

When a loved one has dementia: a comforting companion for family and friends by Eveline Helmink“A vital source of solace and compassion for those whose loved one has dementia, rooted in the author’s unflinching experience of caring for her mother.” – Amazon


A tall dark trouble by Vanessa Montalban“A dazzling debut of a Latine twist on Practical Magic that follows a family of Cuban American brujas entangled in love, magic, and murder. – Amazon

All you have to do by Autumn AllenPowerful, thought-provoking, and heartfelt, this debut YA novel by author Autumn Allen is a gripping look at what it takes (and takes and takes) for two Black students to succeed in prestigious academic institutions in America.– Amazon

Never a hero by Vanessa Len“Vanessa Len’s stunning Only a Monster trilogy continues with this second installment, a thrilling journey where a secret past threatens to unravel everyone’s future.” – Amazon

Pride and prejudice and Pittsburgh by Rachael Lippincott“What if you found a once-in-a-lifetime love…just not in your lifetime?” – Amazon

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