I didn’t Know the Library Had … Video Games

Let’s face it.  Video games are not cheap!  With the issues surrounding the massive supply shortage of  the Playstation 5’s, and the decision from Nintendo to sell Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom at a whopping $69.99, many parents and game enthusiasts are having a hard time justifying getting the hottest new titles as they come out.  The decision to splurge on a game upon its release is mired with a ton of variables.

Would it be as awesome as you imagine?
Would it just be a waste after learning all the hype was a lie?
Even if you decide to buy, will there be a copy available or will you be charged more just to get it on time?

Frustrated already?  As am avid gamer, I completely understand.  That’s why I’m pleased to state that there’s a solution.

What if I told you that there’s a way to test out those games to see how you would really feel?
For free?
And that you just need a library card?

Yes, your local library has Video Games.

Like that latest from James Patterson or the hottest new cookbook trends, we do our best to add the latest games to our collection.  Most games are the top picks by critics but we do look at indie and fun family titles as well.  And like you, we get excited about the hottest picks when they come in!


So for those of you eager to try out our collection, stop in and take a peek at our newest games.


And be on the lookout for these hits coming in the future.


Feel free to browse our entire collection and reserve the one you want.  Click here to see!

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